At ChaseLawyers℠, we are equipped to represent athletes in the National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and other professional sports leagues from New York, Florida, and across the United States; including negotiating effective contracts for international athletes and entertainers in Canada, Europe, South and Central America. We are also available to represent coaches, agents, scouts, managers, broadcasters and other individuals who work within the sports industry.

High-Caliber Representation For Elite Professional Athletes

As a new or prospective professional athlete, the contracts you sign today can set the tone for your future. Now is not the time to rely on your own knowledge of the sports industry or depend on an attorney inexperienced in this area. Instead, turn to ChaseLawyers℠. Our attorney Gregory Bloom has years of hands-on experience in the Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) and boxing industries.

Success in the sports industry takes more than talent and hard work. It takes making the right connections and seeing that those connections turn into opportunities. Our New York City, and Miami, Florida NFL lawyers provide aggressive advocacy to players in all professional sports. With over 40 years of experience, we continue to help athletes seeking to “make it big” today form strong connections, as well as negotiate contracts with scouts, agents, and managers.

Professional athletes know the dedication it takes to make it to the highest level of professional sports. Hiring the right attorney can ensure that your rights are protected, so that you can obtain maximum compensation for your hard work, and talent.

For more information about our professional athlete representation, contact our law firm by calling 305-373-7665 in Miami, 212-601-2762 in New York, or send us an e-mail.

Representing Professional Fighters

ChaseLawyers℠ provides not only top-notch NBA lawyers, but also an experienced legal representation to professional fighters in boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), as well as other industry professionals such as promoters, managers, agents, bout venues and media businesses. Located in New York and Miami, we serve clients throughout the United States and the world.

Knowledgeable Representation For Boxing And MMA Professionals

We are prepared to represent boxers in the World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Organization, and other professional boxing associations. Our lawyers also represent mixed martial artists in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and other leagues in the burgeoning sport of mixed martial arts.

Our services range from negotiating, and drafting contracts for individual athletes, to drafting agreements with arenas and television networks.

Athlete Endorsements and Sports Merchandising and Licensing

We also provide aggressive advocacy and representation to athletes who are considering signing endorsement deals, or sports merchandising and licensing agreements. Your name and image are important to your career. We will help you ensure that the endorsement, merchandising, and licensing decisions you make today will positively impact your future.

Contact Our New York And Florida Attorneys Representing Professional Fighters

Whether you are a professional boxer, mixed martial artist or any other type of sports professional, we are here to provide you with the experienced legal guidance you need. Contact us today online or by telephone at 305-373-7665 in Miami or 212-601-2762 in New York to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable New York and Miami sports law attorney.