Visas For Athletes And Entertainers

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Visas for Athletes and Entertainers

There are several different types of United States visas available for athletes, entertainers, and other professionals who can claim that their level of accomplishment is “internationally recognized” or “extraordinary”.

As is with any visa application process, showing that you actually possess those qualifications is a complicated endeavor that requires precise knowledge of the criteria demanded by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, properly prepared documentation that supports your compliance with those criteria, recommendations from experts in your area of expertise and much more.

Here at ChaseLawyers® we have helped musicians, boxers, martial arts practitioners, entertainers and many professionals from other walks of life to:

  1. Identify the type of “visa fit” for their circumstances, experience, connections and aspirations.
  2. Emphasize their strengths and shed light on their accomplishments.
  3. Select the right people in their circle to write recommendation letters.
  4. Locate fellow industry professionals in the US that can vouch for their qualifications.
  5. Prepare a portfolio of media mentions, awards and trophies that make them stand out.
  6. Figure out which ones of the many things you have done in their life fit into the visa requirements, and which ones don’t.

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    ChaseLawyers® is not just an immigration law firm. We are a firm with in-depth knowledge of the Music, Sports and Entertainment industries.

    Our Senior Partner, Barry Chase, had a successful career in television programming with PBS, public television’s national network. He spent several years as the PBS National Network’s Vice President and Senior Vice President of National Production for South Florida’s PBS affiliate, and knows the TV, Movie and Entertainment Industry like the back of his hand.

    Our Partner, Gregory Bloom, has been in the sports management business for the past 20 years and represents World-Class Athletes, Promotional Companies, Venues, International Sports Organizations and many other prominent members of the sports community.

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    Our Associate Attorney, Alex Loveyko, has gone through the immigration process himself and assisted various musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, brand owners and artists to obtain necessary qualifications to work and succeed in the United States.

    We have a dedicated team of attorneys that prides itself on coming up with solutions for the most challenging and interesting cases. This vast experience dealing with individuals of different levels of prominence help us realize that there’s “always a way” to present someone’s resume to give them the best chance to fit into the aforementioned criteria of “extraordinary” or “internationally recognized”.

    To contact our team of experienced Entertainment and Sports attorneys who can help you solve your Immigration problems please call ChaseLawyers® at 305-373-7665 or e-mail us using the Contact Us Form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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