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Some Words From Our Clients

“I’m very happy with the speed and quality of your work. I think we will be doing a lot more together.” 

From an artist signed to a major label who was in dispute with his management: “Thank you so much Mr. Chase you’ve given me the best lawyer experience one can ask for.”

Thank you Barry. You did an amazing job on this agreement, and aided the negotiation immeasurably. Thanks to you, all of our major issues, and more, were accepted. I have no doubt [the agency] is going to be using your contract as [its] new template in future signings.

“Thank you for helping and guiding us with this negotiation, and for your generosity, really. I noticed it on the invoice too. You are the best.” 

“Barry just thought I’d tell you that you are the freaking man! Like for real, you’re a beast at what you do haha!.”

“I love the emails you sent to his lawyer. I love the way you guys use words thx I feel so bless for having you guys my lawyer.”

“Thank you so much, and thank God! I found a[n] A-Class Lawyer!”

“You did amazing work. I can not wait to work on the next project with you.”

“Barry, I’m delighted with your expert and economic [al] service. If the rest of the picture goes as smoothly as our dealings with you we’ll have a totally painless production before the new year.”

“It is the first time I’ve had to navigate legal terrain such as this before starting a creative project, and I feel I’ve gotten the best possible advice.”

xox YOU ROCK BARRY!! I feel so blessed and immense gratitude having you on my side all these years…there are no amount of words that could come close to conveying that sentiment.

You worked your magic again. He said yes to the 70-30

Lucky me, lucky us. God is good — considering where we were this exact time last year. Barry, you are the blessing from that experience.

I’m very happy with the speed and quality of your work. I think we will be doing a lot more together.

You have no idea how much I appreciate you, your words of wisdom and your experience!

Man you are good. Your agreement is WOW!

Thank you for your ongoing support, guidance and belief in my efforts. I am not sure I could do any of this without you

You resolved my case beautifully by alerting me that I was the owner of a book I wrote for another attorney in Naples, and you drafted an exclusive license for him.  It all worked out better than I could’ve hoped!)  Thanks Barry!

“We really appreciate everything you do and have done. You are like an angel in our lives when these types of nightmares happen.”

About ChaseLawyers℠

An Entertainment Law Firm Led By Partners Barry Chase & Gregory Bloom

ChaseLawyers℠, with offices in Miami and New York City, is a boutique entertainment law firm with clients in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The Entertainment Lawyers Miami firm advises and represents clients in all legal matters related to music, sports, television/film, visual and literary works, modeling, online matters, and intellectual property.

Our attorneys are not only well-versed in the law, but have also participated personally in the film/television, sports, IP (Intellectual Property) licensing and music industries — giving us the practical knowledge to deal with any issue in those areas. Our Senior Partner, Barry Chase, has represented media giants such as CBS and Time, Inc., and left the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) as Vice President in charge of PBS’s national TV network. Our Partner Gregory Bloom, has years of hands-on experience in the business of sports and the negotiation of agreements involving professional athletes, musicians, sponsors, promoters, managers, and agencies. Alex Loveyko, our IP, Media and Internet Attorney, has served as a Licensing Attorney for one of the most famous IP brands in the world – the Russian animation sensation “Masha and the Bear”, and represents start-up owners, website and mobile app owners, fashion designers, eCommerce business owners, and other creatives and entrepreneurs as part of his current diverse practice. Our of Counsel Entertainment Lawyer Miami, Michael Epstein, has had a successful career as an independent record label owner, DJ, and recording artist operating across musical genres. And our of Counsel attorney Anastasia Latman, is ChaseLawyers’ point-person for social media law and practice.

Please take some time to browse through our Practice Areas, as we offer plenty of information pertaining to your immediate needs! Contact us today online (by using our Contact Us Form) or by telephone in Miami at 305-373-7665 or New York at 212-601-2762 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Miami and New York attorney. We hope to learn a little more about your business, and discuss how our professional entertainment attorney Miami can prepare you to protect yourself individually, as well as to protect and grow your business.

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