DMCA Takedown Law

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DMCA Takedown Law

If you are in the business of composing music, creating artwork, producing audiovisual content, writing articles, novels or creating any other material that is protected by Copyright Law – creating an original work of authorship fixed [that is, “recorded”] in a tangible medium of expression – you must have wondered how to prevent other people from distributing your content on their Social Media platforms, websites and blogs.

If you are in the business of running a website, a forum, a blog, or a mobile app that allows your Users to post or generate any material that is protected by Copyright Law – you must have wondered how to protect yourself from third-party claims, if the content posted by your Users doesn’t belong to them and turns out to infringe on a third party’s rights.

Here at ChaseLawyers®, we have answers to your questions, whether you are a content creator or an Internet service provider. We help our clients navigate the intricate details of the DMCA Takedown Process – a process established by the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” that helps content creators assert their rights online and “take down” infringing content from the Internet. We also help Internet service providers ensure that they follow all the necessary steps after receiving a “DMCA Takedown Notice” to make sure that they are not found liable for their users’ infringing behavior.

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    Our team of Internet and Social Media lawyers at ChaseLawyers® helps content creators:

    1. File DMCA Takedown Requests.
    2. Respond to DMCA Takedown Requests.
    3. Figure out what do to if a Takedown Request is not complied with.
    4. Locate and identify the hosts, website operators, and internet service providers that can take the infringing content down if the website owner is not responding.
    5. Prepare Demand and Cease-and-Desist letters to website owners.
    6. Know the steps they need to take if they receive a DMCA Counter-Notice.

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    Here at ChaseLawyers®, we also help Internet service providers:

    1. Register as a Designated Copyright Agent with the Copyright Office.
    2. Draft detailed and instructive Copyright Policies.
    3. Provide guidance on the steps needed to maintain the “safe harbor” protection (that is, immunity from lawsuits) in the DMCA.
    4. Not worry about any of the above by acting as their Designated Copyright Agent.

    Here at ChaseLawyers® we represent start-up owners, entrepreneurs, website and mobile app owners, fashion designers, inventors, Amazon store owners, as well as Social Media influencers, musical artists, producers, record labels, visual artists, movie makers, and international athletes and would be happy to help you with any of the above-mentioned questions.

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