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Our NYC and Miami Entertainment Law Firm advises and represents clients in all legal matters related to music, sports, television/film, visual and literary works, modeling, online matters, and intellectual property.

Communications & Media Attorney in New York and Miami, Florida

Communications and media lawyers Barry Chase, Gregory Bloom, Alex Loveyko, Anastasia Latman and Michael Epstein of ChaseLawyers® in New York and Miami, Florida, represent individuals and businesses nationwide in all aspects of communications and media law. They advise clients throughout New York, Florida , other parts of the United States and many foreign countries on legal matters related to television, radio, Internet and other media.

ChaseLawyers® counsels clients worldwide in connection with a variety of communications and media matters, including:

  • Web Design / Hosting Agreements
  • Mobile App Development Agreements
  • Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions
  • First Amendment free speech issues
  • PPV, V.O.D., Web-TV and Home Video licensing arrangements
  • Cable channel ventures
  • Radio ventures
  • Internet law
  • Domain Name, Social Media Accounts Disputes
  • Defamation, Libel and Slander on the Internet

ChaseLawyers® helps communications clients establish and protect their legal and business relationships. Our services include preparation of Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and End User License Agreements for new Web-based and Mobile App-based companies.

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    Among the media issues that ChaseLawyers® regularly counsels clients on are:

    • Film / Movie Law
    • Adult Entertainment: Television, Video, “LiveCam”, Social Media, Internet and Video on Demand (V.O.D.)
    • Print Media: Newspapers, Magazines, and Books
    • Websites
    • Television and Radio
    • Entertainment-related Contracts
    • Video Game Licensing

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    No matter what your media and communications law concerns are, ChaseLawyers® will assist you in protecting your rights, anticipating future problems, and neutralizing unanticipated events to clarify and achieve your desired goals.

    ChaseLawyers® offers initial consultations to prospective clients for a flat fee as low as $350. Consultations may take place at the firm’s New York or Miami office, over video-conference, or by phone. Initial Consultations last as long as it takes (within reason) to address a potential client’s questions or concerns.

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    All services at ChaseLawyers® are available to English-speaking, Russian-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients. The firm serves clients throughout the states of New York and Florida, including: New York City, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Orlando, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach.

    If you want to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, contact us today online (by using our Contact Us Form) or by telephone in Miami at 305-373-7665 or New York at 212-601-1900 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Miami and New York media attorney.

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