Endorsements And Sponsorships

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Endorsements And Sponsorships

Many professional athletes benefit from the lucrative opportunities offered by athlete endorsement contracts and sponsorships. Negotiating and structuring a sports endorsement contract can be complex, and missteps, oversights, and ambiguous language can prove costly.

At ChaseLawyers®, we represent athletes in a broad range of legal matters, including negotiating endorsement and sponsorship deals. We are a boutique sports and entertainment law firm located in New York and Miami, serving athletes, agents and other clients in the sports industry worldwide.

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    Maximizing Your Advantage in Endorsements And Sponsorships Deals

    As an athlete, your name, image, and renown are valuable commodities that can prove important for businesses that want to “associate” with you. You must maintain control over these elements so that they are not used without authorization and so that you are compensated fairly for their use.

    If you have been approached by a company for an endorsement or sponsorship deal, it is important to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in these legal matters. Sports law attorneys Barry Chase, Gregory Bloom and Alex Loveyko have extensive experience handling endorsement and sponsorship contracts and can help ensure that you are properly compensated for your promotional efforts.

    Our lawyers tailor athlete endorsement deals and sponsorship contracts to suit the unique needs of each client, negotiating and drafting contracts that include:

    We understand the value of your name and appearance. We are here to help you gain maximum advantage from the companies that seek to profit from them.

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