Website Infringements

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Website Infringements

One of the most important things in establishing your market value these days is creating an online presence that is consistent throughout all of your Social Media platforms, websites and mobile apps. You cannot, for example, spell one of these  with a hyphen, another one with an underscore and a third one with three dots – that just doesn’t look professional.

  • What happens if you start running your business, and then realize that someone is already using the name of your company as a domain name or a Social Media handle?
  • What if someone hasn’t started using it, but just secured your preferred name for themselves, hoping that one day you will come asking for it and pay them a lot of money?
  • What if someone has stolen the unique way in which your website is designed, organized, stylized and is trying to use your fan base for their commercial advantage?
  • What if someone has registered a domain name that is similar to yours, but not identical, in hopes of luring customers who have mistyped your company’s name?

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