Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media is extremely important to building a loyal following that connects with you, shares your content, invests its time, energy and resources into providing feedback for you, and spreads the word about your brand to people they know.

Whether you’re an entertainer, an entrepreneur, an artist or an athlete, if you have a significant following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat or any of the other Social Media platforms that we use on a daily basis – you will be approached by companies who want to take advantage of your impressive Social Media following and bring attention to their products and services.

However, when you decide to advertise on Social Media or receive payment for such endorsements, you need to make sure you follow certain rules established by the Federal Trade Commission of the United States (and probably under your state’s law too).

The Federal Trade Commission's Testimonial and Endorsement Guidelines provide that:

Here at ChaseLawyers®, we work with companies and Social Media Influencers alike to help both sides navigate the landscape of endorsement deals and advertising guidelines and help them:

  • Agree on the mutually beneficial terms of an Endorsement Deal.
  • Analyze potential risks of not following the FTC’s Guidelines – negative publicity, damages, consumer redress penalties, litigation/investigation costs.
  • Identify what qualifies as an endorsement or a testimonial.
  • Make sure Social Media Influencers use proper disclosures for their posts.
  • Make sure Companies know what to look for in monitoring the behavior of their Endorsers.
  • Determine what qualifies as a proper disclosure, where to put it and what language to use.

Fighting Infringement On Social Media

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