Personality Rights

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Personality Rights

The “Personality Right” (also known as the “Right of Publicity”) is the right to control the commercial use of your name, likeness, image, voice and other aspects of your identity. For celebrities in the entertainment and sports industries, protecting and licensing personality rights is an important issue with significant financial ramifications.

The personality rights attorneys at ChaseLawyers® can provide you with the legal guidance you need for establishing, protecting and capitalizing on your personality rights and related legal issues. Our intellectual property attorneys understand the value of your name, image and personality and are committed to protecting them from unauthorized use and exploitation. With our lawyers, personality protection will no longer be a problem.

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Protecting Your Personality Rights

As a celebrity or public figure, your identity has a significant financial value. You must be diligent in protecting your identity so that unscrupulous businesses and other parties do not attempt to profit off your achievements without compensation to you.

As a busy professional in the entertainment or sports industry, you don’t have time to handle these matters yourself, which is why ChaseLawyers® can provide you with a valuable service in protecting your personality rights.

Our lawyers are prepared to handle a broad range of issues in  protecting your personality rights, including:

Located in New York and Miami, we serve clients throughout the nation and abroad. Our attorneys are well versed in laws and industry customs pertaining to personality rights and knowledgeable in the entertainment, sports and Internet industries. With the right experienced lawyer, your personality rights will be in safe hands.

Portraying People In Movies And Literature

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