Will Stanton Receive a Contract Extension?

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Giancarlo Stanton is the Marlin’s and arguably one of the MLB’s most feared hitters. He is frequently mentioned as a strong candidate for the National League’s MVP. As a professional athlete Stanton is a star in the professional baseball circle and his success demands a large sum of money. Sports law helps protect athletes like him through legal contracts and compensation.

There has been a lot of speculation recently regarding Stanton’s contract with the Marlins. Stanton has said that he is happy in Miami which leads many to believe that the Marlins will be offering a contract extension. It is believed that the Marlins are prepared to retain Stanton as long as possible. Stanton will be a free agent after the 2016 season. With the free agent eligibility looming in the horizon the Marlins will need to determine what contract steps they will take. They will need to be prepared to pay Stanton a sum of perhaps $25 million per year to keep him. It is expected that the Marlins will be working on negotiating contracts during the off-season.

Professionals in the sports industry know how important it is to have excellent legal representation. Athletes have worked hard to get to be the top in their sport and it is important for the legal representation to maintain the same high standards. Athlete’s contracts are becoming more and more complicated and the stakes are higher. Multi-year contracts with bonuses and incentives can be created to hold up to scrutiny. A sports law attorney always keeps the athlete’s best interest in mind and can help the athlete achieve their legal goal.

Negotiating contracts throughout the sports industry is a common occurrence that can receive a lot of media coverage. Top athletes deserve to have their talent compensated and their image should be protected.

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