Miami and New York Visual Arts Lawyers

Based in New York City and Miami, ChaseLawyers℠ assists national and international photographers, painters, illustrators, sculptors and other visual artists in protecting their artwork and asserting their intellectual property rights. Mr. Chase’s wife is an artist; so we know first-hand the challenges that visual artists experience when seeking to promote their talent. Clients appreciate this personal perspective, as well as our hands-on approach to their legal issues.

“Wow, can’t believe it. Just got home from a trip and found the actual check on my desk!”
– From an acclaimed photographer who came to us with a copyright violation.

ChaseLawyers℠ primary services for visual artists include:

  • Advising clients on how to secure royalties
  • Drafting contracts between artists and dealers
  • Pursuing lawsuits for plagiarism or copyright infringement
  • Writing demand letters to obtain money owed
  • Consulting with artists about the best ways to capitalize on their talent

Mr. Chase holds Honors degrees from both Yale and Harvard and offers experienced legal representation to clients in the entertainment industry. If you are an artist or photographer in need of legal advice regarding the protection and advancement of your intellectual property, contact ChaseLawyers℠ to schedule a consultation with an art lawyer.

In addition, ChaseLawyers℠ serves as counsel for artists who have already “made it big.” Contact Mr. Chase, attorney Gregory Bloom or attorney Michael Epstein directly at 305-373-7665 in Miami or 212-601-2762 in New York if you are seeking a visual arts attorney to protect your long-term interests.

Cost-Efficient Representation

ChaseLawyers℠ provides legal advice and consultations to artists at a special rate, starting at $350. We will take the time to answer questions and fully explain legal options relating to plagiarism concerns and/or the use of photography, paintings and designs in commercial products. With our lawyers arts and creativity will be protected by law.

ChaseLawyers℠ also helps visual artists protect their work and collect the money owed to them by individuals or art dealers. While this may require a lawsuit if the artwork is being sold or used in large quantities, writing a demand letter will often be sufficient. For a modest flat fee, Mr. Chase, Mr. Bloom or Mr. Epstein can draft a letter addressing the clients’ concerns and demanding they be paid the money owed.

For more information or to discuss your situation with an accomplished visual arts or entertainment lawyer, please contact ChaseLawyers℠ at 305-373-7665 in Miami or 212-601-2762 in New York or fill out the Guestbook form. One of our attorneys or an assistant will be in touch with you shortly.

Mr. Chase has a working knowledge of Spanish; so he can offer quality service to Spanish-speaking artists in New York, Miami, Florida, and throughout Latin America.