Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Here are some representative examples of the deals in which ChaseLawyers℠ has used its entertainment law expertise, the types of clients represented and client testimonials.

Network Television Stars

  • The firm negotiated an improved employment contract for the host of a daily network morning show, and helped her increase her endorsement and ancillary income by a multiple of ten within one year of taking over her representation.
  • ChaseLawyers℠ negotiated a new and more favorable contract for a major network news anchor.

Former Miss Universe

A former Miss Universe from a South American country and her agent came to ChaseLawyers℠ for help in negotiating a television deal with a US-based network. Together, they were able to get her very favorable terms from the beginning of her new career.

Major “Boy-Band” Group

The firm negotiated new and more favorable management and recording agreements for this group.

Playboy Playmate

The firm negotiated a first-time song-demo agreement for a Playboy Magazine Playmate-of-the-Month, who was referred toChaseLawyers℠ by an attorney in London, England.

Network Cooking-Show Star

  • Negotiated more lucrative product-endorsement agreements for this charming host, comedian and chef personality.
  • Increased the number and value of his product-endorsement agreements to historic highs.

Leading Home-Advice Star

  • Expanded licensing and endorsement contracts
  • Increased licensing and endorsement revenue.
  • Assisted in the development of a Spanish-language market position similar to the English-language market position once held by Martha Stewart.

ChaseLawyers℠ also drafts and negotiates talent agreements for new musical artists, new TV personalities and other promising talent who, as a result of their improved positions, will typically NOT need to undergo an ugly and expensive “re-negotiation” process to receive what they deserve as they become more successful. Mr. Chase has also taught on-line courses.