Sports Law covers a huge spectrum of different issues and challenges. Each sport presents unique situations for everyone involved to be aware of. Sports Law cases can affect sports teams, individual athletes, coaches, and entire sporting bodies and organizations. Sports Law is complex so it’s important to let qualified professionals provide expertise over the intricacies of particular cases before any concrete judgments are made.

As the 2010’s draw to a close and a new decade approaches it’s a good time to take a look at some of the largest cases of the past few years and see how they have developed over the course of 2019 and what developments may occur in the years to come. 2020 will no doubt signal other major developments across a multitude of sports law cases.

The N.C.A.A Case

One of the most significant sports law cases of 2019 saw the N.C.A.A. lose their court case over how college athletes are compensated. In a 104 page document, United States District Court Judge Claudia Wilkins criticized the N.C.A.A. for its refusal to allow colleges to compensate their players beyond scholarships and costs of attendance. 

The court case was initiated when a group of college athletes sued the N.C.A.A over what they deemed to be an unfair system that set limits on the amount of compensation they receive in college sports

The ruling in the case now opens up the potential for college athletes to profit from the use of their names, images, and likeness. In early November 2019, it was reported that Trey Johnson, a former Villanova defensive back, is suing the N.C.A.A, accusing them of violating minimum wage laws by refusing to pay their athletes. It will certainly be interesting to see how this story continues to develop in 2020. 

The Larry Nassar Case

One of the defining sports law cases of 2018 was the revelations on the scope of former Michigan State and USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse. 

Nassar now lies in prison, while former Michigan State University President Lou Anna K.Simon faces criminal charges for lying to police. There are multiple reports of a lack of action by law enforcement to address concerns about Nassar prior to the uncovering of the scope of the abuse. 

It was reported in 2019 that USA gymnastics is in bankruptcy and is facing litigation and desertification because of it’s handling of Nassar. The process of healing from the case will no doubt continue to develop in the years ahead. 

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