The day of your music video shoot is fast approaching—a day you’ve been working toward for weeks, months or even years. Through extensive background research, you have negotiated a contract with a music video production company and are now ready to step in front of a camera to showcase your talents. There are certain measures you can take before production begins in order to maximize your valuable time scheduled with the company.

Your voice is your most valuable asset in regards to creating a music video. Therefore, ensuring that your voice is operating at top quality is of the utmost importance. This means you should avoid social situations where you have to speak loudly or shout, such as cheering at sporting events or trying to hold a conversation in a noisy club. Also, be mindful to avoid any foods or beverages that tend to irritate your throat, and avoid people who are demonstrating symptoms of an illness.

Other important attributes when creating a music video are appearance and camera presence. If you’re in need of a haircut or new wardrobe, do not wait until the last minute, so that you have a little buffer in case something goes wrong. That being said, right before your video shoot is not the time to experiment with a drastically different hairstyle or look.

How you appear on camera, i.e. awkward and clumsy versus confident and graceful, can be attributed to how comfortable you feel with your hair, makeup and wardrobe. If you have a particular workout schedule, stick to it so that you will feel healthy and energized when the day of the music video production arrives.

Once you have arrived on set and production is underway, make an honest assessment of the production crew and the progress underway. If red flags are going up around you, consider backing out from the contract. You must trust your instincts. Yes, you have already put down a deposit and committed a certain amount of time. However, the sooner you back out from your agreement, the better, the easier the action will be. If you have made a mistake, be brave enough to cut your losses and choose another company.

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