Three Steps to DIY Success in the Music Industry

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Bob Dylan’s message was on point in his 1964 song “The Times They Are A Changin’.”  But even this folk legend probably did not anticipate the digital revolution and how it would transform the music industry. Traditionally, big labels were essential for an artist to launch a successful music career. Thankfully, the Internet and digital revolution have opened countless avenues for a successful music career without the need for a giant music label.

Our Miami entertainment lawyers have created a guide for music artists: Three Steps to DIY Success. The digital revolution enables artists to market themselves and their work directly to consumers. Below is the first of three steps to DIY success. Check Chase Lawyers’ blog for weekly updates on how to build a DIY music career.

Step 1 for a Successful DIY Music Career:

Before building a marketing strategy, you must honestly evaluate your own skills. Do you truly have at least some composing and/or performing and musical talent? Many dream of music careers and stardom to rival Taylor Swift, Beyoncé or 50 Cent; however, not everyone is musically gifted. Ask yourself whether people who hear you rap or sing tend to stop what they’re doing and listen, or even better, if they ask you for more?

You should also understand that it is MUCH better (and more lucrative) for you to compose your own beats/melodies and/or lyrics than to perform someone else’s content. If you have the innate talent to compose, you should do so. If not, you should try to gain an outright “sale” of the beat, melody or lyrics from the original composer, which must be in a written document signed by the original composer.

Next week we will focus on how to pull together demos once you have the composed music ready for the next stage of the process.

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