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Many artists, authors, musicians and others in the entertainment and media industry are compensated for their talents and hard work via royalties. ChaseLawyers℠ represents all of these individuals in negotiating contracts and ensuring full and fair payment of entertainment royalties.

Barry Oliver Chase holds Honors degrees from both Yale and Harvard and has extensive contract negotiation experience. In fact, he has secured favorable royalties for sports stars, actors, singers and authors over the years. He has also handled royalty-related cases involving deceased composers and the use of their music in modern recordings. Whether you are seeking a fair royalty arrangement with a production company or want to negotiate for higher payment, contact ChaseLawyers℠ to schedule a consultation.

Helping Arists Secure All of their Royalties

We help musicians, artists, performers, record label owners, producers, songwriters and many other creative professionals to navigate the complex waters of the different income streams available to them. We analyze each client’s individual portfolio and prepare a strategy that would fit them individually and allow them to collect all of the royalties owed to them, for example, in the music field – public performance, publishing, mechanicals, non-interactive digital sound recording performance, foreign sound recording performance, synchronization, master use, streaming, downloads, YouTube and Facebook monetization, other social media income sources. With our assistance, you will always be sure that you’re not missing a dime of your money.

Negotiating Royalties

Artist royalties are a percentage of sales, gross profit or another specified metric. Skillful negotiation for royalties, therefore, requires an in-depth knowledge of exactly how the industry in question calculates this percentage. Do royalties depend on the sales generated by the product, the “gross” or “net” profit, or the money the other party makes? In addition, an entertainment lawyer must fully understand the artist’s or entertainer’s position within the industry.

ChaseLawyers℠ regularly handles royalty agreements for individuals and groups in the music, entertainment, and media business. We offer an honest assessment of the situation and advise clients on the best available options for protecting their talent and intellectual property, and advancing their careers.

Reviewing Contracts for Inspection Clauses

Inspection clauses are, for example, key components in royalty agreements that ensure an artist is treated fairly and receives what he/she deserves from the other party. In general, an inspection clause holds the company responsible for proper accounting practices and allows the artist’s representatives to inspect the other party’s books. ChaseLawyers℠ carefully and knowledgeably reviews every contract to ensure its clients’ interests are fully protected in this and other ways that can make the difference between success and failure.

If you have further questions, or you would like to speak to one of our ChaseLawyers℠ attorneys regarding royalties, licenses or copyrights, please contact ChaseLawyers℠ at 305-373-7665 in Miami or 212-601-2762 in New York, or fill out our Contact Us Form. Royalty attorneys Mr. Chase, Mr. Bloom, Mr. Loveyko, Mr. Epstein or Ms. Latman, or an assistant will be in touch with you shortly.