Literary Property

Our NYC and Miami Entertainment Law Firm advises and represents clients in all legal matters related to music, sports, television/film, visual and literary works, modeling, online matters, and intellectual property.

Literary Property and Publishing Practice

“This is all great news. You are THE BEST!”– From an author-client for whom ChaseLawyers℠ negotiated a favorable film option deal.

Literary publishing attorney Barry Oliver Chase, our Senior Partner, holds Honors degrees from both Yale and Harvard and focuses exclusively on representing businesses, authors, and artists in the entertainment and Internet industries. The ChaseLawyers℠ firm represents clients in all areas of literary property and publishing, including books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, comic books, Websites, screenplays, stage plays, teleplays and other print and visual media.

Whether you are an author who wants to maximize your rights to a literary work or who needs to ensure that all foreign-language versions of your book generate royalties for you, contact ChaseLawyers℠. You will discuss your needs with an experienced literary attorney committed to helping you capitalize on your hard work.

Mr. Chase has a working knowledge of Spanish; he is available to assist international and Spanish-speaking clients with their literary property and publishing needs.

Comprehensive Representation in Literary Matters

“I want someone [as an agent] reputable and someone who will work hard….Come to think of it, I want someone exactly like my fabulous entertainment lawyer!”– From a successful writer who needed help finding a new agent for her latest novel

ChaseLawyers℠ regularly represents publishers and literary agencies in conjunction with publishing agreements and exploitation of ancillary rights arising from those agreements. In addition, Mr. Chase has significant experience negotiating publishing contracts, film-rights deals and royalties for both experienced and first-time authors. He actually teaches other lawyers about the fine points of film-option deals for authors and publishers.

Literary property and publishing requires that publishing lawyers understand not only contract and negotiation principles, but constitutional law, torts, and intellectual property issues as well. Mr. Chase has a firm understanding of all these issues and has effectively represented clients in matters involving:

  • Author-publisher contracts
  • Author-”ghostwriter” contracts
  • Copyright, titles and trademarks
  • Electronic literary property and publishing
  • First Amendment, defamation and privacy
  • International rights
  • Joint authorship and collaborations
  • Internet Publishing
  • Literary agents

So if you are in need of experienced attorneys, Miami can offer you the best professionals!

If you want to schedule a consultation with one of our literary attorneys contact us today online (by using our Contact Us Form) or by telephone in Miami at 305-373-7665 or New York at 212-601-2762 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Miami and New York literary attorney.