How to Take Your Music Career to the Next Level

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At ChaseLawyers, we encourage you to reach for the stars when attempting to achieve your dreams. In previous posts, we discussed how to transform your passion for music into a career, and now we want to solidify your path to stardom.

Taking your music career to the next level isn’t easy, but with the right attitude and an immense amount of motivation, we believe that you can get there. Similar to other careers in entertainment, in order to achieve fame on your own you must have knowledge in each aspect of the industry. Our entertainment lawyers in Miami have provided tips on five areas of the music industry with which you should familiarize yourself in order to boost your music career.

Five Areas of Concentration

1. Sell Your Music Online through a Music Aggregator: You may ask yourself why you should sell your music through an online aggregator. As technology has advanced, so has the main sales medium for music. Nowadays, the majority of individuals purchase their music from online entities, such as iTunes. Using an online music aggregator will enable you to market yourself, give you a chance to develop an independent fan-base, provide you bargaining leverage with a record label and give you the ability to make money without having to share it. Furthermore, the start up cost is minimal.

2. Develop and Manage Your Own Website: Developing and managing your own website ultimately saves you money, especially with a ChaseLawyers web-related agreement. It also helps you to gain recognition and gives you another sales and marketing outlet.

3. Do as Many Live Performances as Possible: Live performances are considered an important source of revenue. These events help create a local fan-base, prepare you to perform at bigger arenas, give you bargaining leverage with a record label and the cost is minimal.

4. Register a Trademark in Your “PKA” Name: Registering a trademark under your “PKA” name recognizes you as a serious professional, protects you against having your name ripped off, converts you into a brand and costs under $800.

5. Affiliate with a Performing Rights Society (ASCAP, BMI or SESAC): This is extremely important because it marks you as a professional songwriter. You will be paid every time you are aired on the radio, expert musicians will offer you career guidance and the cost is free.

Miami Entertainment Lawyers

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