Entertainment Lawyers in Miami on How to Copyright Music

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In our previous posts, our entertainment lawyers in Miami discussed how to use copyright laws to make a profit with your music and at what point your music becomes intellectual property.  The next step is to learn the importance behind getting everything written down that you do in regards to your copyrighted song.

There are several reasons you should seek a written contract when working with co-composers, a producer and others working on your music.

A written record of how each individual contributed to the song is important. For example, if the song you co-wrote and co-produced becomes a smash hit and sells five million downloads in the first six months. If everything you and your collaborators do is in writing, there is no room for disagreement and possible fighting and there will be minimal business disputes to get in the way of your creative relationships.

However, there are also legal reasons for getting the creative process in writing. Under current copyright law, you cannot transfer or grant an exclusive license in anything you create unless it is in a written document. The person transferring the rights must sign the document. The transfer of copyright ownership will be null unless the agreement is in writing. If taken to court, the signed written document will even void copyright registration with the Library of Congress.

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