Financing and Production agreements are the foundation for a successful film or television pilot. ChaseLawyers cinematography lawyers represent producers in obtaining the necessary TV, film and radio rights at the outset of the project. Securing these rights after the fact can be expensive and messy — although we can do that too.

Barry Oliver Chase is the former top PBS national network programming executive, with Honors degrees from Harvard and Yale and years of experience as an entertainment attorney. He has negotiated dozens of contracts for movie and television producers and stars. Gregory Bloom, Esq., has negotiated film-financing deals, with a focus on films involving the sports world. With his advanced degree in the law of copyright and trademark, Alexander Loveyko is able to ensure that the rights of producers are protected. And Michael Epstein has experience in producing music videos and other short-form audiovisual productions.

Making It Your Project

Without the right contracts, your production company does not have true ownership of your own film project or TV show. ChaseLawyers℠ handles negotiations for “chain-of-title” agreements with camera operators, sound recordists, actors, musicians, post-production houses, all work-for-hire settings and all television and film law matters.

Our TV solicitors represent many producers and directors of independent films, as well as TV production companies and networks launching new shows. Based in New York City and Miami, Florida, we represent filmmakers and television producers throughout the East Coast, as well as clients in Los Angeles, Europe and internationally. ChaseLawyers℠ is well-connected in the Latino film, TV and radio industry in New York, Florida, Mexico and South America.

Comprehensive Legal Representation and Advice

Mr. Chase, Mr. Bloom, Mr. Loveyko and Mr. Epstein can handle any legal problem that arises: financing, pre-production, during shooting, or post-production. Our repertoire includes smooth negotiation, “charm-based” resolution of disputes, tough litigation (when necessary), and sometimes just the right phone call or “little lawyer’s letter” to get the project back on track.

Contact ChaseLawyers℠ about our services:

  • Creating the right production company structure
  • Acquiring motion picture, television, and music rights
  • Engaging writers, actors, directors and other talent
  • Co-production and distribution agreements
  • Negotiations
  • Options, acquisitions and sequels
    – Talent and crew engagements
    – Development, co-production and production agreements
  • All legal issues relating to contracts, rights, joint ventures, regulations, transactions, financing, and insurance for TV, film and radio projects.

Contact ChaseLawyers  Barry Oliver Chase, Gregory Bloom, Alex Loveyko or Michael Epstein today. They or an assistant will return your call shortly.

Based in New York City and Miami, Florida, ChaseLawyers℠ is an entertainment law firm representing clients throughout New York and Florida, including Ft. Lauderdale, New York City, Orlando, Tampa, and throughout Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County. ChaseLawyers℠ also represents many clients in the entertainment centers of Los Angeles; Nashville, Tennessee; London, England; and South America.