Support For Labels Seeking New Artists

Our NYC and Miami Entertainment Law Firm advises and represents clients in all legal matters related to music, sports, television/film, visual and literary works, modeling, online matters, and intellectual property.

Are you looking for new blood for your record label or management team? The New York and Miami, Florida, music and entertainment lawyers at ChaseLawyers℠ have access to a large supply of talented artists looking for managers and labels. Because we represent musicians and are respected in the music field, we receive music demos from promising new artists almost every day.

Let us help you make profitable matches. Call our law office in Miami at 305-373-7665 or our office in New York at 212-601-2762 or send us an e-mail by using our Contact Us Form today.

Why Choose Our Entertainment Lawyers?

Established record labels looking for new pop, hip-hop/rap, Latino, R&B, rock, dance, Gospel or country music artists trust our entertainment lawyers’ level of knowledge and ability to network with artists and labels across the country and around the world. We frequently go to concerts and artist “showcases” to scope out new talent for our clients.

If you would like to sign new talent, we can use the full power of the law to negotiate a beneficial contract. ChaseLawyers℠ record label experts have a knack for sensing how badly an artist (or a label) “needs” the deal and can use that to our clients’ advantage.

Too often, entertainment law contracts and record label agreements are handled quickly and sloppily, creating problems down-the-road that can lead to costly litigation. We help ensure you against those horror stories by forming clear contracts and agreements up front.

Other Services for Independent Record Labels

We routinely provide the following legal services for independent record labels:

  • Starting a Record Label
  • Incorporation
  • Securing copyrights in your music and your artists’ music
  • Registering your trademarks
  • Affiliating with ASCAP, BMI, Songtrust and SoundExchange
  • Affiliating with foreign “Neighboring Rights” Organizations
  • Drafting “360”, recording, management, publishing, merchandising, production, touring, licensing, distribution, administration and other contracts
  • Business law issues, including drafting/reviewing partnership and employment agreements
  • Expanding your business through download aggregators, radio play and live touring
  • Helping you select the best digital distribution platforms for your needs
  • Helping you secure all intellectual property rights in your music videos
  • Fighting against infringers of your music

Contact Our New York and Miami, Florida, Music and Entertainment Attorneys

If you are seeking representation for your Record Label, we are here to provide you with the experienced legal guidance you need. Contact us today online (by using our Contact Us Form) or by telephone in Miami at 305-373-7665 or New York at 212-601-2762 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Miami and New York recording industry attorney.