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Success in the famously competitive music industry takes talent, luck, connections, and hard work. ChaseLawyers Miami and New York Music Law attorneys Barry Chase, Gregory Bloom, Alex Loveyko Michael Epstein and Anastasia Latman, music law specialists and recording artist attorneys, focus on those factors for clients seeking to “make it big.”

Clients of the ChaseLawyers℠ firm have the advantage of years of experience in entertainment law, music law and the music business. Based in Manhattan and Miami, Florida, the firm caters to English, Russian and Spanish-language local, national, and international recording artists, bands, record labels, managers, producers, composers, music executives, and others in the music industry.

Artist Recording Agreements

ChaseLawyers NYC and Miami music entertainment lawyers Barry Chase, Gregory Bloom, Alex Loveyko, Michael Epstein and Anastasia Latman represent singers, songwriters, and musicians who have attracted interest from record labels or music publishers. They regularly draft and negotiate terms of producer and artist recording agreements. ChaseLawyers protects the economic interests of our clients and their intellectual property rights, while advancing their business interests and careers.

Over the past decade, old-style “Exclusive Recording Agreements” have given way to what are called “360° Deals.” These new contracts seek to make the record label and the artist “Partners” in ALL of the artist’s professional activities. Our entertainment lawyers in New York and Florida have had substantial experience in drafting and negotiating such agreements for both labels and soon-to-be-signed artists. No matter which side of the negotiation you are on, it is in your interest to have a lawyer who is familiar with these latest agreements. The music business has also recently seen the rise of the “Do-It-Yourself” (“DYI”) method of artist development, with technological changes permitting artists to reach and sell to their fan-base without the help of a record label.

ChaseLawyers entertainment-lawyer Miami professionals have already become experts in how to take advantage of this new “DIY” opportunity. We have clients making a handsome living on their music without having to share their revenue — or their artistic freedom — with a label. Our ChaseLawyers NYC music lawyers also work with many Spanish-speaking artists, and are an important legal presence in Spanish-language musical entertainment in New York City and Miami, Florida, nationwide, and Latin America.

Assisting the Independent Record Label

From aspiring rap/hip-hop moguls to Latino, rock, dance music or country music indie labels, our ChaseLawyers music lawyers represent start-up record companies, as well as those that already have a track record of success. We assist entrepreneurs in taking advantage of copyright law, drafting contracts, and finding new talent. Because of our connections in the music industry, we have access to a wide variety of demos, and we help record labels sign artists to recording deals. We also advise on incorporation, employment agreements, partnership agreements, and related business law arrangements.

In negotiating a deal, our ChaseLawyers music industry lawyers have developed a knack for sensing how badly the artist “needs” the label deal, and vice versa. We know just how hard to push to negotiate the most beneficial contract for the client. We also represent producers, music publishing companies, songwriters, concert promoters, personal managers, business managers, talent agencies, and music industry executives with a full range of legal services.

Theater and Live Performance

Our ChaseLawyers℠ indie-label lawyer experts provide the legal representation and assistance necessary for theatrical and live performance shows of all types and all music law matters. Some of the firm’s functions in theater include:

  • Counseling and representing producers, playwrights, actors, directors, and designers
  • Legal services required for theatrical productions
  • Production services, including cast and crew, facilities, and rights deals
  • Structuring financing and production entities

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Based in New York City and Miami, Florida, ChaseLawyers is an entertainment law firm representing clients in New York and Florida, including New York City, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and throughout Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach County, and Broward County in Florida. Our law firm also represents clients in the entertainment centers of Los Angeles; Nashville; London; Europe; Canada and South America.