Communications & Media Attorney in New York and Miami, Florida

Communications and media lawyers Barry Chase, Gregory Bloom and Michael Epstein of ChaseLawyers℠ in New York and Miami, Florida, represent individuals and businesses nationwide in all aspects of communications and media law. They advise clients throughout New York, Florida and the United States on legal matters related to television, radio, Internet and other media.
ChaseLawyers counsels clients nationwide in connection with a variety of communications and media matters, including:

  • Web Design / Hosting Agreements
  • First Amendment free speech issues
  • Pay television and home video licensing arrangements
  • Cable channel ventures
  • Radio ventures
  • Internet law
  • Regulation of Radio and TV Facilities
  • Defamation, Libel and Slander

ChaseLawyers℠ helps communications clients establish and protect their legal and business relationships. Our services range from drafting Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Usage agreements for new Internet companies to license-related matters at the FCC for radio and television stations.

New York and Florida Media Lawyers

Among the media issues that ChaseLawyers regularly counsels clients on are:

  • Film / Movie Law
  • Adult Entertainment: Television, Video, Internet and Video on Demand (V.O.D.)
  • Print Media: Newspapers, Magazines, and Books
  • Websites
  • Television and Radio
  • Entertainment-related Contracts
  • Video Game Licensing

No matter what your media and communications law concerns are, ChaseLawyers℠ offers to assist you in protecting your rights, anticipating future problems, neutralizing unanticipated events, and helping you clarify and achieve your desired goals.

ChaseLawyers℠ offers initial consultations to prospective clients for a flat fee of $350. Consultations may take place at the firm’s New York or Miami office over video conference or by phone. Consultations last as long as it takes (within reason) to address a potential client’s questions or concerns.

All services at ChaseLawyers℠ are available to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking clients. The firm serves clients throughout the states of New York and Florida, including: Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Orlando, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach.

You can schedule a consultation with Barry Oliver Chase, Gregory Bloom or Michael Epstein by calling at 305-373-7665, or visiting our guestbook today!