Entertainment Law Firm: What Your Music Video Says About You

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Music is more than just a career for some people, for others it’s a chance to show who they are and what they’re about. From the songs written to the videos produced, that individual’s creativity shines through each medium.

Developing a Music Video

Developing a music video is the most visual form of musical creativity. It gives you a chance to ensure that your video portrays what you want it to. However, all this depends on how you want to be perceived by your present and future fan-base. Here are some things to consider:

  • You need to start off with a concept that feels comfortable to you
  • Get an honest handle on how you come across
  • Decide on what kind of style you’re looking for
  • Write down who you are and how you would like to be presented


There are many concepts that musicians go by nowadays. If you look at artists, such as Taylor Swift (pop girly-girl), Pitbull (represents his Miami roots), Beyoncé (independent woman) and Kanye West (tough guy persona), they all have their own concept that they represent.

How do you Come Across?

How you come across is a crucial element in the planning stages of your music video. For this, it is suggested that you recruit either one or two friends that will be completely honest with you. Their opinion will help you determine, which concept you should pursue in portraying for your music video.

What Style are you Into?

When “style” is mentioned, it is not to refer to your taste in clothes, but what kind of angles and sceneries you want in your music video. Angles can range from quick-cut close up to wide angles and sceneries are whatever you can imagine to be the background in your video. All of these are important because they’re visually appealing to your audience. It’s important to note which types of these will compliment you.

Next Stop Stardom!

 If you ever encounter an opportunity to meet with a music producer, it’s important to write down all that was mentioned above and say this is how you want to be portrayed. Writing this down will prohibit any music producer from leading you astray from what you stand for.

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