DIY Tips for Promoting Your Music Career

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Building and launching a music career on your own takes an extreme amount of effort and dedication; however, all of it is worth it once your dream of becoming a star comes true.

We have outlined the first two months and now we have come to the third and final month: promoting your music career. This month includes branding yourself and promoting your music via live performances, sales and social media upkeep. These three aspects are the cherry on top of all your hard work that will ensure a successful music career.

Live Performances

A live performance is the perfect opportunity for an artist to not only showcase their music but also his or her personality. Personality is key to creating a brand for yourself, and the stage is the place to show people who you are. To further your music career, consider the following:

  • Continue attending clubs and other live-performance venues (take these opportunities to identify your likeliest targets and network with those who own them).
  • Continue meeting and “making friends” with people who can arrange your performance dates (these dates should coordinate with your sales-launch date).
  • Continue developing your budget for live performances.
  • Start recruiting supportive friends to attend your early performances. Also, consider giving out incentives to your audience so they will attend your performance.
  • Begin developing your act (this could include spicing it up somehow with some comedy, choreography or voice training).


This aspect concentrates on the sale of your music. It’s important that you invest your time and money in the following:

  • Set a deadline to select a web designer to enter an agreement with.
  • Select a duplication house for your CDs to enter an agreement with.
  • Select a photographer and/or artist for CD cover-art, using lawyer-prepared work-for-hire agreements.
  • Select an “Internet Download Aggregator” who can set you up with the major download sites.
  • Continue your research on best chain (or chains) of physical CD stores for the neighborhoods in which your consumer-demographic resides.

Social Media

Lastly, one of the most crucial aspects of branding, marketing and promotion is social media. Your online presence is key to keeping your fans updated about anything current, especially launch week.

Launch week is the time that you should consider gearing your advertising and marketing efforts toward radio. This can be achieved by:

  • Continuing to network with radio station people by giving them your CD.
  • Deciding your maximum, feasible budget for radio ads

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