DIY Steps for Launching a Music Career

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This week ChaseLawyers℠ is building upon the series “Three Steps to DIY Success” for music careers. Thanks to the digital revolution, musicians no longer have to depend on traditional record labels. With your own motivation and work, you can build profitable avenues for delivering content to fans without the assistance of a music label. In our last post, our entertainment lawyers in Miami kicked off a three-month DIY schedule for gaining more exposure for launching a music career and building a fan base.

Below are tips on steps for you to take during the second month of your DIY music career schedule:


Begin working with a choreographer, voice-coach and anyone else who can assist you in developing and polishing your live act. Based on your research during Month I, execute visits to your preferred venues and meet with key individuals at those locations.

Internet/Physical Sales

Research and select a qualified web-designer to create your personal website for the site. Your music site doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it MUST be very user-friendly for purchasing a track. Negotiate and sign a favorable web-designer agreement. (Your entertainment lawyer should prepare this agreement.)

Familiarize yourself with important Internet download sites (iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, etc.). When researching the sites, take note of how much of a cut they take from your gross revenue, how they work from the consumer’s point of view, and how your demo tracks can be incorporated on the site.

While physical sales are becoming less and less important, you may still want to research and begin talking to duplication houses, which can supply you with CDs. Network with brick-and-mortar specialty shops in order to make distribution arrangements before launching a music career.

Next week we will focus on the final step to take to complete your DIY Schedule and build a successful music career. Stay tuned!

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