Copyrights Law For The Entertainment Industry

Experienced copyrights lawyers are essential allies for any creative artist or professional. The work that you create is your property. Copyright law provides you with the legal protections you need to ensure that your work is not stolen, plagiarized or used without your consent. Without copyright protections in place, your work can be diluted and you can suffer significant (even complete) financial loss.

At ChaseLawyers℠, we make copyright law work for our clients. We provide experienced legal guidance for copyrights and other intellectual property matters to performers, musicians, composers, writers, visual artists and other creative professionals. If you need the best copyright lawyers NYC is a go-to place. Our knowledgeable New York and Miami copyright attorneys are prepared to protect your intellectual property.

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Copyright Registration Lawyers

Establishing a copyright gives you many important rights over your work. Depending on the nature of your work, a copyright can allow you to reproduce it, make and distribute copies, display or perform it publicly, and create derivative works.

Our copyright lawyers can help you with all of the necessary legal requirements in creating and protecting your copyright, including:

  • Registration of copyright
  • Licensing and contract negotiation for your copyrighted property
  • Establishing and protecting your “chain of title” in creative works such as musical compositions, sound recordings, films and TV scripts

Whatever type of work you are seeking to protect, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in copyright law. A misstep or overlooked detail can prove costly in the future, putting your hard work at risk. Simply talking to copyright lawyer NYC or Miami-based legal agency may save you from many unfortunate situations.

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