New York and Miami Entertainer Contract Attorneys for Musicians, Artists, Authors, Athletes and Entertainers

ChaseLawyers℠ in New York and Miami, Florida, assists screenwriters, artists, entertainers, athletes, musicians and other celebrities in negotiating and securing contractual arrangements. As experienced entertainment law attorneys, Barry Chase, Gregory Bloom and Michael Epstein understand the vital importance of entertainer contract, as they not only ensure that our client is paid a fair amount, but also that he or she gets needed exposure. Securing these deals and fostering a creative working relationship between our clients and the other party is always our primary objective.

Barry Chase holds Honors degrees from both Yale and Harvard, and has extensive experience in the music and entertainment industry. He has effectively negotiated contracts for entertainers from all over the world. Gregory Bloom has years of hands-on experience in the worlds of corporate and athlete representation. And Michael Epstein comes to ChaseLawyers after a successful career as a New York music producer and DJ — all while achieving honor-student rankings at college and law school. Contact our office to put this experience to work for you.

ChaseLawyers℠ represents clients in contract negotiations involving:

Leveraging Your Position

In order to get the most out of contract negotiations, your attorney must capitalize upon the advantages and strengths of you, the client. Without fully understanding the position of the client, for example, an attorney may push “too hard” for more money and, in the process, negatively impact the negotiations and the client’s future relationship with “the other side.” When entering into contract negotiations, Mr. Chase, Mr. Bloom and Mr. Epstein always consider the following factors:

  • Did the record label or producer seek you out after an audition? Or did you seek them out?
  • How successful or well-known are you already?
  • Are there other professionals being considered by the other side?
  • Are you hoping to be rediscovered?
  • Does the record label, producer, film company or team need you to revamp its image?
  • Did the other side already tell you how much it is willing to pay?

Intellectual Property and International Entertainment Clients

The United States is the biggest dependable market in which to build a lucrative career by monetizing your intellectual property rights. If you would like to access the U.S. market, we can help you protect your work (music, film, literary property, etc.) or image through U.S. copyright and/or trademark law. We also offer up-to-date intellectual property advice about celebrity endorsements and licensing.

Representing Individuals and Businesses Around the World

Are you an athlete from the Dominican Republic that needs help negotiating/drafting a contract with a U.S. sports agent? A South American musician who would like to enter the U.S. market? An international record label ? An actress from London who is involved in a U.S. theatrical production? An entertainment company dealing with U.S. contracts or employment law? Wherever you are or whatever your entertainment law needs, turn to ChaseLawyers℠.

Contact Our Music and Copyright Protection Attorneys

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