Professional Athlete Representation

Our NYC and Miami Entertainment Law Firm advises and represents clients in all legal matters related to music, sports, television/film, visual and literary works, modeling, online matters, and intellectual property.

As a new or prospective professional athlete, the contracts you sign today can set the tone for your future. Now is not the time to rely on your own knowledge of the sports industry or on an attorney inexperienced in this area. Instead, turn to ChaseLawyers℠. We are an entertainment and sports law firm with years of experience negotiating effective contracts for entertainers and athletes in Florida, across the nation, and around the world, including clients in South and Central America. Our attorney Gregory Bloom has years of hands-on experience in the Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) industry.

Success in the sports industry takes more than talent and hard work. It takes making the right connections and seeing that those connections turn into opportunities. Our Miami, Florida, lawyers help athletes seeking to “make it big” form strong connections and negotiate contracts with scouts, agents, and managers. For more information about our professional athlete representation, contact our law firm by calling 305-373-7665 or sending us an e-mail.

Athlete Endorsements and Sports Merchandising and Licensing

We also provide legal advice and representation to athletes who are considering signing endorsement deals or sports merchandising and licensing agreements. Your name and image are important to your career. We will help you ensure that the endorsement, merchandising, and licensing decisions you make today will positively impact your future.

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Our Miami, Florida, attorneys provide experienced professional athlete representation. Call ChaseLawyers℠ at 305-373-7665, or e-mail us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

The entertainment industry can be a complicated field to navigate. As a trusted leader in Miami entertainment law, ChaseLawyers can help. With over 40 years of experience, Our Miami based lawyers have helped individuals in nearly every area of entertainment law in Miami, including sports, music, film, television, modeling, literature, and more. We understand the unique challenges you face as a creative, and we’re prepared to protect your interests.

As an artist in Miami, you must navigate the intricacies of copyright law, trademarks, contractual agreements, and much more. It is critical you choose a qualified Miami entertainment lawyer with expertise in the nuances of the entertainment world. ChaseLawyers has built a stellar reputation among our clientele for honest, professional representation that produces effective results. We have extensive experience in the unique legal elements you must navigate as an artist, and our attorneys can provide you with indispensable career advice and expertise over the course of your entertainment career.

When you work with ChaseLawyers, you are more than just a client. We care about your well-being and can provide essential advice on the issues you face in the Miami market, such as intellectual property issues, negotiating service agreements, publicity rights, and much more. We also have an extensive network of resources available for our clients to connect with, and those connections can enrich your career in countless ways. Our team understands the complex world of entertainment law and will take care of your legal needs so you can focus on doing what you do best—sharing your talent with the world!

When you’re ready to take the next step in your career, our Miami entertainment lawyers are ready to help you. We are passionate about helping creatives with all of their legal needs, and you won’t find a team more dedicated to your success in all of Miami. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!